Sheraton Djibouti

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BP 1924, Plateau de Serpent, Djibouti   •  Weather:    •   Local Time:     •  Phone: (253) 21 32 80 00  


Djibouti Weather Information

The Sheraton Djibouti Hotel, External View

high temp 83.6°F 29.0°C 84.1°F 29.0°C 86.4°F 30.0°C 89.6°F 32.0°C 94.8°F 35.0°C 102.2°F 39.0°C 107.1°F 42.0°C 106.2°F 41.0°C 99.0°F 37.0°C 91.5°F 33.0°C 87.4°F 31.0°C 84.7°F 29.0°C
low temp 70.7°F 22.0°C 72.5°F 23.0°C 74.8°F 24.0°C 77.6°F 25.0°C 80.6°F 27.0°C 84.7°F 29.0°C 88.0°F 31.0°C 87.2°F 31.0°C 84.1°F 29.0°C 78.2°F 26.0°C 73.5°F 23.0°C 70.9°F 22.0°C
rain 0.4 in. 1.0 cm. 0.7 in. 2.0 cm. 0.8 in. 2.0 cm. 1.1 in. 3.0 cm. 0.7 in. 2.0 cm. - in. - cm. 0.2 in. 1.0 cm. 0.2 in. 1.0 cm. 0.1 in. 0.0 cm. 0.8 in. 2.0 cm. 0.9 in. 2.0 cm. 0.4 in. 1.0 cm.

Djibouti generally has a very hot and dry climate throughout the year. July is on average the warmest month of the year with temperatures exceeding  49°C (120°F). The cooler season starts in October and lasts till April with occasional rain fall and average temperatures of 25°C. To see more weather details about Djibouti please review our weather table above.